The police must not be used to violate the freedom of information

first_img FranceEurope – Central Asia Help by sharing this information FranceEurope – Central Asia Organisation to go further September 13, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 The police must not be used to violate the freedom of information “We’ll hold Ilham Aliyev personally responsible if anything happens to this blogger in France” RSF says News Follow the news on France May 10, 2021 Find out more RSF_en center_img Receive email alerts News RSF denounces Total’s retaliation against Le Monde for Myanmar story News Use the Digital Services Act to make democracy prevail over platform interests, RSF tells EU June 2, 2021 Find out more News June 4, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders is very disturbed by Le Monde’s claims in a report today that presidential aides directly violated the law on the secrecy of sources by using a domestic intelligence agency to identify an official who was leaking information about a judicial investigation into a case involving labour minister Eric Woerth and L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt.“If the Elysée Palace really ordered government personnel to violate the law on the secrecy of sources in the Woerth-Bettencourt case, it would constitute a violation of press freedom as serious as tapping journalists’ telephones,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We offer Le Monde all our support in its determination to establish whether the government violated the confidentiality of sources,” the press freedom organisation continued. “These allegations must be treated with the utmost seriousness. Reinforcing the protection of journalists’ sources was one of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign promises and a law was even voted in January. It would be intolerable if the Elysée Palace were the first to break a law requested by the president.“We fail to understand the ruling party’s war against media attempts to investigate the Woerth-Bettencourt case. Such behaviour is unacceptable in a democracy. Aside from the complaint that Le Monde plans to file, parliament must look into these allegations and, if necessary, appoint a commission of enquiry to determine whether the Elysée violated the law passed in January.”According to today’s article in Le Monde, David Sénat, an adviser to justice minister Michèle Alliot-Marie, was identified from phone records as the source of the leaks. He was asked to stand down and was offered a posting in Guyana, the report said.Accusing the Elysée of using methods that “directly violated the law on the protection of the secrecy of journalists’ sources” in order to put a stop to the leaks, Le Monde announced that it will file a formal complaint accusing unidentified persons of violating the law on journalists’ sources. The Elysée Palace has denied the allegations.Reporters Without Borders stresses that the law on the protection of sources nowadays constitutes one of the pillars of media freedom in France and is essential for investigative journalism. It would be unacceptable if the police intelligence services have been used to violate the freedom of information.last_img read more

Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network Schools Compete At Red Rocks Invitational Saturday

first_img Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailMOAB, Utah-Saturday, North Sevier and South Sevier boys and girls track and field competed at the Red Rocks Invitational at Grand High School to represent the Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network.*In our track and field articles this year, we will post the top eight finishers (if applicable) in every event as this represents everyone who medals at track meets. Those who represent Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network schools will have their names emboldened. At this meet, we have no record of the 200-meter dash and 300-meter hurdles having occurred.The Carbon Dinos boys (112 points) and girls (229 points) teams each won meet championships to commence the season on the right foot.The North Sevier girls placed third with 67 points with the South Sevier girls placing fourth by netting 41 points.For the boys, North Sevier placed fourth with 63 points and South Sevier finished eighth with 17 points.Girls 3200 Meter RunKylie Ricks-Grand  12:01.77Beverly Lancaster-Carbon 13:05.10Lily Long-Monticello 13:07.35Sophia Taylor-Carbon 13:18.30Ambree Jones-Carbon 13:18.77Erin Sromness-Carbon 13:21.97Kalle Cook-Emery 13:38.57Ellie Hanson-Carbon 13:43.87Boys 3200 Meter RunCory Bunker-Monticello 10:17.41Kobe Cruz-Carbon 10:43.25Easton Humes-Carbon 10:58.45Braxton Ware-Carbon 11:03.48Camden Larsen-Emery 11:07.29Alan Pettit-Monticello 11:11.24Pierce Bryner-Carbon 11:37.01Curtis Bunker-Monticello 11:49.38Girls 100 Meter HurdlesShae Nielson-San Juan 17.37Eminie Elliott-Carbon 17.99Kinlee Lewis-Carbon 19.49Kenidee Gunter-Carbon 19.65Alex Shumway-San Juan 19.83Caleigh Nelson-North Sevier 20.02Amelia McKay-Grand 21.13Berlynn Black-Monticello 21.16Boys 110-Meter HurdlesTreven Brazier-Emery 15.69Ryker Childs-Carbon 16.25Chance Arbon-Grand 16.71Tate Goble-North Sevier 19.95Jacob Johnson-North Sevier 21.95Spencer Tullis-Carbon 22.08Spencer Hepworth-Carbon 22.59Craig Olsen-Carbon 23.13Girls 100 Meter DashEminie Elliott-Carbon 13.91Lyndee Mower-Carbon 13.94Mia Crompton-Carbon 14.64Maycee Conway-San Juan 14.71Maggie Groene-Grand 14.73Malina O’Brien-Grand 14.78Elizabeth Marshall-Carbon 14.80Paiten Thomas-Carbon 14.81Boys 100 Meter DashRyker Childs-Carbon 11.78Treven Brazier-Emery 11.86Jonathan Pugmire-Maple Mountain 12.09Brenden Dowd-Grand 12.20Landon Black-San Juan 12.26Creek Sharp-Emery 12.26Kamden Saling-North Sevier 12.49Dallin Anderson-San Juan 12.58Girls 400 Meter DashKylah Ricks-Grand 1:00.25Kaizlee Bringhurst-South Sevier 1:05.33Makenna Blanc-Carbon 1:06.03Emree Olsen-Grand 1:08.26Talya Cornelius-South Sevier 1:15.55Grace Vellinga-South Sevier 1:15.95Karla McCoy-North Sevier 1:17.35Tira Cook-Grand 1:22.93Boys 400 Meter DashJonathan Pugmire-Maple Mountain 54.84Eric Montague-Monticello 56.35Kelby Bosh-North Sevier 56.33Boston Freestone-Monticello 56.77Greyson Bennett-North Sevier 59.70Dallin Anderson-San Juan 59.78Porter Marr-South Sevier 1:00.23Will Carmichael-Carbon 1:00.58Girls 4 x 100 Meter RelayCarbon Dinos (Makenna Blanc, Paiten Thomas, Lyndee Mower, Haylee Prescott) 55.14Grand Red Devils (Maggie Groene, Sadie Groene, Malina O’Brien, Amelia McKay) 59.99North Sevier Wolves (Caleigh Nelson, Ali Mason, Trishna Nielson, Karla McCoy) 1:03.00Boys 4 x 100 Meter RelaySan Juan Broncos (Landon Black, Magnum Nielson, Dallin Anderson, Reo Fox) 48.43North Sevier Wolves (Coy Shaw, Bayden Hallows, Greyson Bennett, Keaton Hallows), 51.54Grand Red Devils (Draven Shaw, Aiden Gordon, Brenden Dowd, Ayden Ceniceros) 51.78Girls 1600 Meter (Mile) RunKylah Ricks-Grand 5:31.14Beverly Lancaster-Carbon 6:05.19Sophia Taylor-Carbon 6:06.79Ambree Jones-Carbon 6:07.01Erin Sromness-Carbon 6:07.18Lily Long-Monticello 6:14.82Ellie Hanson-Carbon 6:36.52Gracie Tatton-Carbon 6:49.92Boys 1600 Meter (Mile) RunJess Christiansen-Emery 4:44.42Cory Bunker-Monticello 4:55.01Keaton Hallows-North Sevier 4:59.52Kobe Cruz-Carbon 5:03.13Easton Humes-Carbon 5:12.08Braxton Ware-Carbon 5:14.78Camden Larsen-Emery 5:16.10Pierce Bryner-Carbon 5:28.71Girls 800 Meter RunKylah Ricks-Grand 2:27.92Sophia Taylor-Carbon 2:44.94Haley Guymon-Emery 2:46.15Lily Long-Monticello 2:50.48Erin Sromness-Carbon 2:54.60Gracie Tatton-Carbon 3:05.70Ciarra Anderson-North Sevier 3:06.08Sarah Barben-South Sevier 3:07.83Boys 800 Meter RunLanden Hardy-Pinnacle 2:14.98Blake Vellinga-South Sevier 2:19.46Easton Humes-Carbon 2:19.77Kobe Cruz-Carbon 2:21.69Braxton Ware-Carbon 2:28.44Pierce Bryner-Carbon 2:31.56Jo Vollmer-Green River 2:42.65Curtis Bunker-Monticello 2:43.41Girls Medley Relay1. North Sevier Wolves (Caleigh Nelson, Hannah Riggs, Avery Smith, Brooklyn Goble) 5:10.752. Carbon Dinos (Jordan Shorts, Eminie Elliott, Kinlee Lewis, Ambree Jones), 5:14.823. Grand Red Devils (Morgan Lewis, Emree Olsen, Maggie Groene, Lorena Johnson) 5:31.40Boys Medley RelayMonticello Buckaroos 4:02.48North Sevier Wolves (Blaine Anderson, Kamden Saling, Caleb Madsen, Keaton Hallows), 4:05.37Emery Spartans (Maddex Behling, Tyler Frandsen, Isaac Jensen, Jess Christiansen) 4:21.47Boys 4 x 400 RelayEmery Spartans (Jess Christiansen, Treven Brazier, Tyler Frandsen, Creek Sharp), 3:55.65North Sevier Wolves (Kelby Bosh, Greyson Bennett, Tate Goble, Caleb Madsen) 3:58.79Carbon Dinos (Craig Olsen, Will Carmichael, Kobe Cruz, Braxton Ware), 4:00.92Grand Red Devils (Preston Thornburg, Daniel Thayer, Ayden Ceniceros, Aiden Gordon) 4:15.70Girls 4 x 400 RelayCarbon Dinos (Beverly Lancaster, Makenna Blanc, Haylee Prescott, Paiten Thomas) 4:39.67North Sevier Wolves (Hannah Riggs, Ciarra Anderson, Karla McCoy, Avery Smith) 4:50.12Emery Spartans (Purity Mason, Sophia Gardner, Kylee Willis, Kalle Cook) 5:27.03Girls DiscusMorgan Blackburn-South Sevier 78-11Kayla Lee-Carbon 75-05.50Mirah Salee-Carbon 69-04Lizabeth Pugliese-Carbon 65-00Alaina Barney-North Sevier 64-01Ali Mason-North Sevier 63-02Trishna Nielson-North Sevier 62-04Julia Shorts-Carbon 57-11Boys Shot PutMaddox Christman-Emery 36-03.00Sage Stroder-Grand 36-00.00Parker Abegglen-Emery 32-09.00Daniel Williams-San Juan 32-08.00Ethan Shumway-San Juan 32-06.00Tuff Adair-Monticello 32-03.00Bowden Robinson-Carbon 32-02.00Christian Winder-Pinnacle 32-01.00Boys JavelinEric Montague-Monticello 147-01Bowden Robinson-Carbon 136-08Matt Sanders-San Juan 131-09Cory Bunker-Monticello 120-01Derek Canterbery-Emery 117-01Stetson Motte-Pinnacle 112-04Draven Shaw-Grand 110-00Brenden Dowd-Grand 108-07Boys Long JumpRyker Childs-Carbon 19-03.50Matt Sanders-San Juan 18-07.00Tate Goble-North Sevier 17-11.00Greyson Bennett-North Sevier 17-07.00Robert Morrison-Monticello 16-10.00Carson Thornock-South Sevier 16-09.00Boston Freestone-Monticello 16-06.00Jacob Johnson-North Sevier 16-04.00Girls High JumpHaylee Prescott-Carbon 5-00.00Kinlee Lewis-Carbon 4-10.00Morgan Lewis-Grand 4-10.00SayDee Johnson-Carbon 4-04.00Berlynn Black-Monticello 4-04.00Avery Smith-North Sevier 4-02.00Boys DiscusSage Stroder-Grand 118-06Derek Canterbery-Emery 114-07Carson Shepherd-Carbon 89-10.50Parker Abegglen-Emery 83-06.50Carson Thornock-South Sevier 83-00Michael Wilson-Carbon 82-06Robert Morrison-Monticello 82-05Daniel Williams-San Juan 82-00 (Tuffa Adiar of Monticello tied for eighth)Girls Shot PutAli Mason-North Sevier 27-07.00Kayla Lee-Carbon 26-06.00Morgan Blackburn-South Sevier 26-03.00Jenilee Andrus-Green River 26-00.00Alaina Barney-North Sevier 24-03.00Trishna Nielson-North Sevier 22-05.00Lizabeth Pugliese-Carbon 22-04.00Aaliyah Chevalier-South Sevier 22-01.00Girls JavelinHaley Guymon-Emery 80-01Morgan Blackburn-South Sevier 75-00Julia Shorts-Carbon 74-00Jenilee Andrus-Green River 72-06Mirah Salee-Carbon 69-02Alaina Barney-North Sevier 68-06Samantha Kessler-Pinnacle 62-04Ali Mason-North Sevier 59-10Boys High JumpMichael Schmitz-Pinnacle 5-04.00Girls Long JumpMorgan Lewis-Grand 14-10.50SayDee Johnson-Carbon 14-05.00Jordan Shorts-Carbon 12-06.00Elizabeth Marshall-Carbon 11-09.50Kinlee Lewis-Carbon 11-08.00Ciarra Anderson-North Sevier 11-01.50Kemery Stuckenschneider-Pinnacle 10-11.00Jaydea Price-Carbon 10-06.00 March 13, 2021 /Sports News – Local Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network Schools Compete At Red Rocks Invitational Saturdaycenter_img Brad Jameslast_img read more

Bosch Rexroth and Barge Master introduce advanced autonomous landing systems

first_imgThrough advanced drive technology and digital sensors, these systems compensate for the movement of the ship and the sea, making them safer to use in adverse conditions The next generation of autonomous landing systems are designed for motion compensated gangways. (Credit: Bosch Rexroth AG) As automation technology becomes more sophisticated and vessel owners around the world prioritize the optimization of operational hours, Bosch Rexroth has developed a new autonomous landing solution which significantly improves both safety and performance.Landing systems are essential when it comes to transferring people and essential items between a vessel and an oil/gas platform or wind turbine generator. Through advanced drive technology and digital sensors, these systems compensate for the movement of the ship and the sea, making them safer to use in adverse conditions. However, manual control is still required when it comes to engaging the landing with the platform. Depending on the experiences of the operator as well as the weather conditions, this can become a challenging task.More safety comes with Bosch Rexroth’s new autonomous landing solution. Through a combination of sophisticated radar technology, cameras and sensors, the system automatically attaches the landing to the required site without the need for manual input. This means that the operation is consistent and reliable, regardless of weather and ocean conditions. Once connected, the landing utilizes the usual motion compensation which works alongside the vessel’s dynamic positioning system to ensure a safe, steady connection between the ship and the platform.“There are a number of benefits to the autonomous landing system,” says Rene Coppens, Business Development for Barge Master systems at Bosch Rexroth. “First of all, it’s a further improvement of safety. Perhaps most importantly though, our systems increases the available operational hours. Our system can work in difficult conditions and does not depend on availability of operators, so it can really improve the uptime. These three key benefits present a real step forward in autonomous landing solutions.”After years of research and development, and close cooperation between Bosch Rexroth, the Bosch research department and the partners at Barge Master, the autonomous landing solution is now available to order at new build vessels and should be available for retrofit later this year on the Barge Master motion compensated gangways.“We’ve seen a lot of interest in the systems already,” adds Coppens. “Customers can already see the potential in this kind of automation, and how it can have a real positive impact on their businesses.” Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more