Stop Making Police Into Bad Guys!

first_imgGovernment is, itself, supposed to be governed. Regulators are to be regulated. And justices are supposed to be just. That is how the police are to be policed.Police officers can’t reasonably be expected to enforce, impose and collect counterproductive, unfair, unconstitutional rules, fines, takings, prohibitions, mandates, taxes and punishments that have already become so numerous as to be unknowable, so complex as to be uninterpretable, and so unreasonable as to be unenforceable in any fair and uniform way.Unfortunately, our government is destructively, unsustainably, and of course unconstitutionally, corrupt.But just as counterproductive, unconstitutional foreign policy creates problems around the world and brings them back home, bad politics made immigration a problem in a nation of immigrants. It fans the flames of race and other class divisions. And of course, bad, unconstitutional politics has destroyed our respect of important institutions and civic roles…like police.It’s good that more communities are remembering that police forces didn’t use to be, and don’t have to be, operated by politicians. Competition is good.But let’s all remember that the current problems with policing are with the politicians who hire, train, equip, pay, direct and discipline them.In other words, police are taking the hit for bad politics.No other candidate for IN08 US House has any intention or desire to regulate our government. They all want it bigger, costlier, more dangerously powerful.I am the only candidate who wants to put a leash where it most needs to be put. On politicians!How?There isn’t a candidate with more written on that subject. Please see my blog at, and my websites at and for more information than you’ll find on any other candidate. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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