first_imgIS IT TRUE that it is a darn shame that the Ivy Tech nursing students are not coming downtown because 1,500 students per day could be transformational?…that is the kind of thing that could have spawned a residential revival sufficient to support basic retails needs like groceries, pharmacies, and a gas station?…the visions of the 1960s Fantus study could have had a chance if the original plans for the medical campus had been realized?…this is the sort of thing that could have given downtown Evansville a shot in the arm nearly 60 years ago?…it will be interesting to see if this good vision is allowed to skip away again?…when one spends themselves into oblivion for fun and games, the funds to support substance are often squandered on short term thrills? IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke came out with a glowing endorsement of subsidized public housing in the 2015 Annual Report of the Evansville Housing Authority?…the Mayor touted the accomplishments of providing roughly 5,000 rental subsidies in the City of Evansville?…that seems like a quite large number of places that qualify for federally subsidized residences?…Mayor Winnecke also proudly announced the kick off of phase one of a series of projects that will spend $31.7 Million to refurbish some of Evansville’s public housing projects?…extensive fix ups for the aging and shabby Kennedy and Buckner Towers which happen to be located right next to the new subsidized Doubletree Hotel?  …when completed either one of these properties could become student housing for IU Medical students?IS IT TRUE if one adds up the $21M handout to the hotel and the $31.7M for public housing projrcts that makes $52.7M taxpayer dollars directed into downtown Evansville?…that excludes the handouts squandered by former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel down at the McCurdy Hotel to a political crony from Indianapolis?…the people of Evansville of course do not own so much as a single share in any of these handout fuels projects? IS IT TRUE if you want to view Mayor Winnecke 2015 letter to members of the Evansville Housing Board  of Directors please click the Annual Reports section provided below and go to page two (2) and you will see Mayor Winnecke letter the board  …the Mayor stated in this letter that “we continue to partner with the EHA on several projects necessary to construct the new convention hotel’s parking facility and the IU School of Medicine”. …he also added that ” as the EHA property Kennedy Towers will be a great next door neighbor to both, it is critical to maintain an open, working relationship beneficial to all involved” is an extremely interesting statement?  …we wonder what the Mayor is trying to say here?IS IT TRUE that Kennedy Towers is presently undergoing some extensive renovations?  …that some long tern residents of Kennedy Towers who receives section 8 vouchers have been moved to other EHA facilities during renovations?  …we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of the long term Kennedy Towers tenants will not be allowed to move back into their old apartments once renovations are completed?   …we wonder if this decision will pave the way for IU Medical students to be able to rent apartments at the newly renovated Kennedy Towers?  …outline in blue is the link to Mayor Winnecke letter to the EHA Board of Directors— 2015-EHA-Annual-Report? IS IT TRUE that some more interesting information is in the 2015 Annual Report of the Evansville Housing Authority?…it all starts out looking fine with a total revenue number of $16.1M for calendar year 2015?… On closer examination $12M of those dollars came from the federal government?…some of those tax dollars were spent to managed the Lincoln Estates property so bad that it was repossessed?…even with revenue of $16.1 Million with most of it coming from Washington DC, the management of the Evansville Housing Authority still managed to lose $610,977 during 2015?.IS IT TRUE that $600,000 must be a magic number for Evansville as that is about the same level of loss that the Ford Center and the Evansville Thunderbolts lost in 2016-17 hockey season?…we have got to keep these people from doing anything else because every time they pick up those golden shovels the taxpayers lose $20M plus up front and $600,000 per year in perpetuity?center_img IS IT TRUE if you wonder who are the members EHA Board of Commissioners:?  …they are: David G. Hatfield, Chairman, Daphne Robinson, Vice Chairman, Vanessa Brown, Commissioner, Richard Engbers, Commissioner and Glenda B. Hampton, Commissioner? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Todays”READERS POLL” question is : Do you think that the Mayor and members of the EHA Board of Directors have cut a deal to house IU Medical students at Kennedy Towers?last_img

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