Single mum hopes ad will help her have second child

first_imgNZ Herald 12 May 2014Sperm donors are so in demand there is up to a two-year wait, prompting one woman to fork out thousands of dollars to find one faster.Karen, not her real name, has placed two newspaper advertisements in the hope of attracting an unknown sperm donor, otherwise the single mother could wait two years before she is eligible to choose one.The 39-year-old, who wanted to remain anonymous, desperately wants to give her 1-year-old son a sibling but is no longer in a relationship with his father.Process for NZ donors• Sperm donation is not commercialised in New Zealand, making it illegal to pay a sperm donor. And a child conceived through donation has the right to identifying details at 18.• The process for a donor involves a comprehensive health questionnaire, blood screening for HIV, hepatitis and genetic disorders, counselling including with the donor’s partner, banking the sperm over several months, and a final round of blood screening.• The donor can withdraw consent right up until fertilisation with an egg or insemination.• The aim is to make up to five families from one donor.• Donors can be between 18 and 50 but preferably younger than 45, when sperm quality declines.

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