LIQUOR BAN LIFTED BUT… Drinking in public still not allowed – Treñas

first_img* drinking in public places isprohibited Treñas, however, did not say how thecity government could limit number of people on a drinking binge in theirhomes, or even ensure that they are observing social distancing. People buying liquor must bring thisstraight to their homes and consume this there, according to Treñas. * 77-year-old female from Jaro (region’sPatient No. 48) The order lifting the liquor ban iscontained in Executive Order No. 66, series of 2020 release yesterday afternoon. He won’t hesitate to re-impose theliquor ban “if there are violations or abuses” to the conditions he set for itslifting, warned the mayor. Treñas also stressed the prohibitionon mass gatherings such as fiesta celebrations and similar activities remain ineffect. ILOILO City – Mayor Jerry Treñas haslifted the prohibition on the sale and consumption of liquor, an initial step towardthe gradual easing of enhanced community quarantine restrictions. He assuredthe public this won’t scale back the city government’s efforts to curb thespread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes the coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19). “Thissituation is new to us all. We have no experience in this regard so we need allthe help we can get from the experts,” said Treñas. * 44-year-old male from La Paz (region’sPatient No. 40) SOME SEMBLANCE OF NORMALCY. A man buys a bottle of beer at a store in La Paz, Iloilo City. Mayor Jerry Treñas has lifted the ban on the sale and consumption of liquor. However, drinking liquor in public remains prohibited while the city is under an enhanced community quarantine. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN * 61-year-old from Mandurriao (region’sPatient No. 3), recovered Treñas said therewould still be restrictions on public transport, school classes and religiousgatherings, among others while quarantine rules and regulations are lifted instages or phases. “Violators would be arrested andcharged,” said Treñas. Iloilo City has been enjoying relativepeace under quarantine. The crime rate dropped, according to the ICPO. * social distancing must be observedat all times if and when alcoholic beverages are consumed * 59-year-old male fromMandurriao (region’s Patient No. 34) The mayor announced the liftingyesterday afternoon. He, however, imposed conditions. These were the following: But he said the city government’s PublicSafety and Transportation Management Office and Iloilo City Police Office(ICPO) would make sure no one drinks liquor in public. “Indisila mag-inum sa public places. Dira lang sila inum sa sulod sang ila balay,kag limitado lang ang tawo nga makaupod nila sa pag-inum,” he stressed. * 72-year-old male from Mandurriao (region’sPatient No. 11), died/PN “Iloilo Cityshould consider prepping for a phased reopening, and scaling back of the localgovernment unit’s (LGU) support for the economy. The phased reopening is astrategy that will protect the people from the (corona)virus while allowinglife to progressively return to normal, albeit a new normal,” according to theprofessors. He expressed confidence, too, that thelifting of the liquor ban won’t adversely affect the city’s peace and ordersituation. Treñas said the 8 a.m. to 5 a.m.curfew helped and this remains in effect. The mayor createdan ad-hoc committee to formulate and prescribe policies for the gradual liftingof the enhanced community quarantine. He forwarded to the committee the UPVprofessors’ proposed lockdown exit strategy. “Effective immediately, the selling ofany form of liquor or alcohol beverages, or any alcoholic drink containing aspecific percentage of alcohol by volume or weight which may be in the form ofwhisky, brandy, gin, rum, cordial, cocktail, wine, champagne, vermouth, basi,tuba, beer, sake, stout, ale and the like shall be allowed…,” it read. * 44-year-old male from Jaro (region’sPatient No. 17) As of yesterday, April 21, Iloilo Cityhad six confirmed COVID-19 cases. These were the following: On Monday, Treñas expressed intensionto startgradually easing quarantine measures by May 1. He welcomed the inputs ofprofessors from the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV). last_img

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