One more COVID-19 death in Franklin County

first_imgWright4598 Total % Recovered Worth65 Area Total13847269.93 Hancock101583.47 Mitchell294962.82 Franklin7715867.23 Kossuth842 Worth DeathsNew Floyd667954.48 July case countCases before July 1New since July 1% since July 1 Kossuth Winnebago771 Cerro Gordo10249482.88 Area Total197940 Cerro Gordo5967 Franklin2357 Hancock1213 Floyd14512 RecoveredNew Recovered Area Total33 Winnebago265166.23 Wright1 Floyd2 Worth27341.53center_img Kossuth325261.9 Mitchell78 Butler477260.5 Hancock2 Wright3708919.39 Floyd94364.82 Area Total811116859.01 Confirmed CasesNew Cases Franklin91 Butler103286.55 Worth155076.92 Kossuth49558.33 Mitchell Winnebago Hancock477461.15 Butler119 Cerro Gordo3212753.85 Mitchell6785.89 Cerro Gordo17 Wright401387.36 Winnebago45758.44 DES MOINES — Another COVID-19 death has been reported in Franklin County.In the 24-hour period leading up to 11 o’clock this morning, the additional death brings the total death toll in Franklin County to nine. 33 people have now died in our listening area from COVID-19 — 17 in Cerro Gordo; nine in Franklin; two each in Butler, Floyd and Hancock; and one in Wright County.40 more cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the same 24-hour period in our listening area — 12 in Floyd; eight in Wright; seven each in Cerro Gordo and Franklin; three in Hancock; two in Kossuth and one in Winnebago — to bring the area’s total since the start of the pandemic to 1979. 1168 of those cases have been reported since July 1st, or 59%.72 more people in the area have recovered to bring that total to 1384, or just under 70%.Looking at the statewide numbers in the same 24-hour time frame: six more deaths were reported for a total of 912; 591 more cases were reported for a total of 47,728; 782 more have recovered for a total of 36,257, or just under 76%. Butler2 Franklin1761774.89last_img

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