Five-sub rule is helpful – Stewart

first_imgSchoolboy football is being played this season with an increase in the number of substitutions allowed for each team. Opinions are mixed about the change which permits five substitutes to be used. Veteran coach Bradley Stewart is one expert who is in favour of the change. Speaking earlier this week, coach Stewart indexed the value of the new substitution provision by the number of additional players who get game time. “I’m of the view that schoolboy football is a developmental competition and it would provide more opportunities for more players,” he said. Weighing the pros and cons of the new provision, he said that top teams with. developed players might suffer a bit. However, Stewart thinks it is largely beneficial. “It also gives teams at the lower end of the schedule opportunities to put more players in the game and hopefully develop these players a little faster than with three substitutions per game,” he postulated. Stewart, who has coached at the school, club and national levels, encapsulated the merits of increased the number of substitutions from three to five for the high school footballer, saying: “The view is that if you don’t play, you can’t develop, so if it is that you get playing time, then one expects that you develop that much faster.”last_img

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