The Internet Of Wild Things: Introducing The First Smart Vibrator

first_img12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Related Posts lauren orsini 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnoutcenter_img Before Vibease, the world’s first smart vibrator had been on crowd-funding site Indiegogo for 24 hours, it had already earned double its $15,000 funding goal. But to spokesperson Hermione Way, it’s no surprise. As a woman in a long distance relationship (she’s in San Francisco, he’s in London), she can’t wait to use it herself. “It’s Skype sex 2.0,” she said. “You can actually have a physical long distance relationship with this.”Remote control vibrators do already exist. But it’s hard to find one with a wireless range further than 30 inches away (that would be the upscale Lelo Lyla). They’ve got nothing on Vibease, which can be controlled from a smartphone anywhere in the world, provided the vibrator is no more than ten feet from the user’s own smartphone. Thanks to the Vibease’s bluetooth properties, it’s actually being marketed on two points. There’s the long distance vibration, of course, but also the ability for women to sync up the toy for solo play with audiobooks on their smart phones. Audiobooks with names like 50 Shades of Rose, just so there’s no confusion as to what they’re about. Way said the toy will switch up its vibration depending on how juicy the book is getting. “They did a lot of research into the female orgasm, and found out that women are far more likely to fantasize,” said Way. “Men are more visual creatures. And so the audio is far more important to women for getting excited.”Way chose to represent Vibease as a spokesperson after meeting with the company’s founder, Dema Tio. She said she gets asked to promote a lot of products, but it’s clear to see why this one’s unique. And as you might expect from Way’s party girl reputation, she certainly had no qualms about tying her name to a sex toy.A native Singaporean who travels for work, founder Tio longed for a toy he could use with his wife over long distances. His wife helped him design Vibease.But along the way, Tio has faced a unique problem that could only endanger a sex toy that is connected to the Internet of Things. Just like hackers who would hijack smart homes, there are those who dream to hack this smart vibrator. “Lots of people are emailing me and joking about what they’d do if they hacked the device,” said Way. “We believe this device is not hackable. But even if somebody managed to get in, the worst consequence would be lots of women having orgasms in unusual places.”Way said the beta will be limited to the technology already listed, but the possibilities associated with a sex toy connected to the Internet of Things are endless. Will they ever release the source code, so users can program their own erotic audiobooks? And just imagine what programmers could do with an API! Watch the video to learn more about what’s on the horizon for Vibease: Tags:#Internet of Things#Vibease 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe Applast_img

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