If You Want a Message to Stick, Repeat Yourself

first_imgThe first time you deliver a message to your prospective client or dream client, you should not expect that message to resonate and drive them to take action, regardless of how compelling your case may be. This is true even if you have real influence, and even if you are positioned as a trusted advisor.That first salvo, the first time you say something, barely creates awareness. Your dream client may need time for the message to resonate and before they start to notice evidence, signs, and symptoms that what you are saying is true. Awareness doesn’t happen all at once; it develops over time, and with repetition and variations on the theme.The second time you deliver that same message, it may carry more weight. Because you are continuing to make the case, it proves that you are serious about the change you are recommending. Even if your dream client doesn’t like the idea of change, your consistency and your persistence garners more attention. Your determination gets you heard.To attempt a real change initiative by messaging someone once or twice is not a serious enough attempt for you to expect your dream client abandon what they are doing and shift directions.The third time you recommend the same change, while continuing to point to the mounting evidence that you are correct, providing proof that you are not the only one who recognizes these trends. You explain, again, how what you suggest will improve the results for your dream client. As you do this, you may start developing some real traction around the idea. Maybe you will get your dream client to see your vision on the fourth attempt. Or perhaps the fifth.Too many people place much too much stock in attempting to make a case so compelling and so overwhelming that they can immediately get to “yes” in a single try. If you want a message to resonate and compel action, keep repeating it.last_img

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