King Mohammed VIs Visit to Turkey Has Deep Political Connotation Spanish

Rabat – Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo published an article Tuesday explaining what they described as the real reasons behind Mohammed VI’s choice of Turkey instead of France to spend the holidays.According to the Spanish daily, King Mohammed VI’ decision to spend the end of the year holidays along with family members in Turkey instead of his Paris castle where he has spent long periods in previous years, is not at all coincidental as it is believed in Rabat’s diplomatic circles.The daily went on to say that the Moroccan Monarch wanted to express his discontent with France and its president François Hollande, adding that ‘one must go back a quarter of a century with the publication of Gilles Perrault’s “Our Friend the King” in order to realize the long crisis between Morocco and its former colonial power.’ El Mundo added that the Moroccan anger began last February when half a dozen agents of the French judicial police went to the residence of the Ambassador of Morocco driven by three complaints raised against Abdellatif Hammouchi, head of the Moroccan secret services (DGST), accusing him of torture.The Moroccan authorities reacted by suspending the judicial cooperation with France, complicating in the process the lives of thousands of citizens whose interests depended on the said cooperation such as the validation of a divorce or partition of inheritance.The same source also mentioned the incident in which Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Salaheddine Mezouar went through a body search dubbed by Morocco as ‘humiliating’ by French authorities in a Paris airport, adding that Moroccan officials are accusing President François Hollande of “rebalancing France’s North African policy in order to benefit Algeria at the expense of Morocco.Besides the tension with France, El Mundo said, Morocco’s relations with its neighbor to the East Algeria remain historically bad and to a lesser extent, Mauritania.The Rabat relations with the General Secretariat of the United Nations and the US State Department are also strained because of the Sahara issue, added the Spanish daily.Mohammed VI arrived Sunday night in Istanbul in a Boeing 747, from Abu Dhabi where he had spent three weeks. His wife, Princess Lalla Salma along with crown prince Moulay Hassan and Princess Lalla Khadija flew in a Boeing 737 from the capital Rabat.The Royal family was preceded by three Moroccan military planes carrying goods and everything they may need during their stay in Turkey.

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