159 of Moroccans Live Without Toilets

Rabat  – A shocking 15.9% of Moroccans are currently still living without basic toilets and sanitation, according to a recent report published by Water Aid.Entitled “Overflowing cities: the state of the world’s Toilets 2016,” the  report reveals that 700 people are living in urban areas without a basic toilet and 100 million of people around the world practice “open defecation.”The same report shows that it is African countries that are in most dire need of latrines and the world’s worst countries for urban sanitation. South Sudan tops this list with 86. 3 % of its urban population living without safe toilets, followed by Madagascar with 82%, Congo with 80% and Ghana with 79.8%. With respect to the highest population experiencing an urgent crisis in access to proper sanitation, still  practicing open defection, reports concluded that 157 million urban-dwellers in the country practice open defection, followed by the Chinese.The report also explained that politics is one of the five major reasons why people are living without safe, private toilets in urban areas, saying that politicians neglect to invest in the issue of sanitation and prioritize investment in roads, schools and other visible infrastructure.

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