Moroccan Judge Amina Oufroukhi Named AntiTrafficking Hero

Rabat – Moroccan judge Amina Oufroukhi’s efforts in combating human trafficking in Morocco have caught international attention. The judge was named an “anti-trafficking hero” at the ceremony of publication of the United States’ 2017 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report on June 27 in Washington.In the presence of Ivanka Trump, Judge Oufroukhi was awarded the “Heroine Award for Trafficking in Human Beings for the year 2017” in recognition of her leadership in the efforts in the Kingdom to develop a “new law to combat trafficking in human beings.”Oufroukhi was given the award “in recognition of her leadership as a driving force behind Morocco’s comprehensive new anti-trafficking law, her perseverance in developing a victim-centered implementation plan, and her steadfast commitment to training judicial and law enforcement officials likely to come into contact with victims of human trafficking.” The report also named seven other people as “heroes,” including Boom Mosby from Thailand, Alika Kinan from Argentina, Leonardo Sakamoto from Brazil, Vanaja Jasphine from Cameroon, and Viktoria Sebhelyi from Hungary.In addition to Oufroukhi’s efforts in fighting human trafficking in the kingdom, the Moroccan House of Representatives introduced in 2016 draft law 27-14 on combating human trafficking.This bill is part of a new national policy on migration and asylum, which aims to adapt national legislation to international laws in relation to the protocols on the fight against human trafficking. It is also part of the various recommendations of convention mechanisms and measures relating thereto, mainly those of the UN Special Reporter on trafficking in persons.The bill includes broad definitions of human trafficking and concepts of exploitation in accordance with the guidelines adopted internationally, including the Palermo Protocol.

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