Customers who subscribe to LTE network triple their data consumption

first_imgWe have begun to see tiered data plans from some of the largest U.S. carriers including Verizon Wireless and AT&T. The consensus is that carriers are moving away from unlimited data plans as devices and users consume more and more data forcing carriers to make additional investments in their infrastructure to meet demand. Stoking the fire for this fear was a report by UK research firm Coda Research Consultancy back in April which predicted that mobile video would cause a 40x increase in data usage by 2015. Giving users the tool to meet this prediction are streaming video apps like the Netflix client now available for Windows Phone 7, iPhone and expected to be available for some Android devices next year.Now GigaOM has found that Brian Modoff from Deutsche Bank believes data consumption may also increase when users simply move from 3G to LTE. Modoff’s analysis is based on a presentation by Teliasonera, one of the first carriers to have an LTE network, whose presentation during the LTE Forum last week included insights as to what carriers can expect when they move to LTE.The story comes down to data usage. Teliasonera reported that the average smartphone user on its network consumes 375MB a month compared to the average broadband user, which is mostly 3G data cards, who consumes 5GB a month. When you throw LTE into the mix the number is sure to cause more than one wireless carrier to grab their chest. Teliasonera reported that their average LTE customer, which is mainly data cards, eats up a whopping 14GB-15GB of data a month.With predictions of ever increasing wireless bandwidth usage I think we can all expect that tiered data plans are here to stay, and if they haven’t come to your carrier yet they probably will soon, especially when that carrier moves to 4G technology.Read more at GigaOMlast_img

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