Every PS Vita can have multiple PSN accounts but memory card required

first_imgThe replacement for the PSP handheld will see a launch next year in Western markets (February 22 in the U.S.), and inevitably questions are being raised about the different features the PS Vita has to offer. One sticking point recently was the revelation that each PS Vita was thought to be tied to one PSN account. Thankfully, that has now been clarified by Sony, but those sharing a Vita will have to spend more money beyond the price of the machine in order to do so.A single PS Vita device can have multiple user accounts on it. That’s the good news. The bad news is, Sony has decided to tie each account to one of their proprietary, and very expensive memory cards. That means you’ll have to spend at least $29.99 to get a 4GB card in order to store your PSN details. It’s likely you’ll want and need more storage than that though, with the price of the larger cards escalating as follows:4GB: $29.998GB: $44.9916GB: $69.9932GB: $119.99Once a memory card is associated with a PSN ID, the only way to reset it is to factory reset your PS Vita because the card is bonded to the machine as well as the PSN account. We’re not sure how that will work if you have multiple accounts setup, but just want to un-associate one of your memory cards.Gamers who like to run PSN accounts for US, European, and Japanese territories now have to face up to a rather more expensive Vita purchase. Even with the cheapest memory card they will have to spend $90 to access all three accounts, and that’s on top of the $250 or $300 price of the Wi-Fi or 3G hardware.Read more at Wiredlast_img

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