Raspberry Pi ups RAM to 512MB keeps price at 35

first_imgThe Raspberry Pi Foundation has already done a lot to impress the tech community this year simply by releasing such a cheap computer. A complete platform the size of a credit card for $35 is an achievement many would have never believed possible, but the foundation has now gone one better.The only version of the Raspberry Pi currently available is the Model B with 256MB of RAM. That’s just enough to allow you to run most applications, but not really enough to have a few big apps running at any one time or to use a platform like Java comfortably. It has been suggested that the Foundation release a more expensive model of the machine to solve this problem, but a price increase would be detrimental to what the Raspberry Pi is trying to offer: very cheap computing that’s accessible to anyone.Working with their hardware partners Samsung, Sony, and Broadcom, the Foundation has instead managed to achieve the unthinkable. All future Model B Raspberry Pi boards will ship with 512MB of RAM as standard at no additional cost. So that’s double the RAM at the same $35 price point.If you have a Raspberry Pi on order it is likely you will receive the 512MB version as they have already started shipping. The only other thing you’ll need is a firmware update to unlock the other 256MB of memory for the RP-focused Linux distributions to use.Back when the Raspberry Pi first started being produced 512MB of RAM was unthinkable in terms of cost, but things change and costs come down with scale. The Raspberry Pi is now being manufactured in the UK at a rate of 30,000 units per month. Such large orders would have brought the price of bulk buying RAM chips down and that’s what most likely made the 512MB modules affordable.The Foundation has no plans to double it again to 1GB in the near future, and they have confirmed the Model A will ship with 256MB, not 512MB. It’s perfect timing for this upgrade to happen too, as a number of Raspberry Pis will be ordered for under the Christmas tree this year.Read more at Raspberry Pilast_img

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