How to use a PlayStation 3 controller with the Ouya

first_imgIt’s an understatement to say the new Ouya Android game console has some issues. Still, enough people bought the device that many online retailers sold out on launch day. One of the more notable annoyances is the subpar controller, but this is one you can solve. The Ouya can pair with the PlayStation DualShock 3 in just a few steps.Before you get started, you’ll need the miniUSB cable for the PS3 controller. It’s the one you use to charge the controller.Turn on the Ouya and plug in the PS3 controller via the full USB port on the back. On the newest firmware, the Ouya should recognize it as a controller and take you to the home screen.Test the controller in the menus to ensure it is working correctly in wired mode. Double tap the PS button to go back to the home screen when you’re satisfied.To get the DualShock 3 into Bluetooth mode, turn off the Ouya by holding down the power button for 5 seconds, or pressing the controller’s triangle button from the home screen.When the Ouya is off, unplug the USB from the controller and back of the console.Turn the Ouya back on and wait for the PlayStation controller to connect. It should happen fairly quickly.There are a few caveats with this process. First, the PS3 controller won’t work in every game. I tested it in Shadowgun and it controlled very well — much better than the stock Ouya controller. You’ll have to remember which buttons are which on the Ouya as well. The corresponding location on the PS3 unit will perform the same actions.When you shut down the Ouya, your PS3 controller probably won’t turn itself off properly. To keep it from going dead, press and hold the PS button for ten seconds. It’s not an ideal setup, but the experience is much improved overall.last_img

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