Network promotion in fact you can do they grasp you will

Mou Changqing recently in the Tencent micro-blog, Sina micro-blog and Baidu say above [] – recruit apprentice SEO network promotion optimization apprentice, in less than 4 days are close to 400 emails, who after the start only recruit 10 places up to recruit 20 people, more than 30 people.


mouchangqing in the network [] is to recruit apprentice celebrity inside, because he is famous, is China SEO Internet community, optimize the biggest names, reputation everyone knows him, a mass ten, ten hundred. This recruit works very well. We can’t rule out his big shot.

we do not say first what is the number of the network he recruits, he received 400 emails from this one thing, in China do not have a lot of network promotion, they are blindly follow the trend, are still engaged in the promotion of a very simple (QQ, bulk mail promotion, forum link, TITLE write key…… ) when the boss asks them to do something, they do what they want.

today received a phone buddy, let me help him see what his network, in the Baidu search keywords ranking is back, could not find him, but his performance is very good, in a small city a door industry a month can reach 7~8 million in sales, received. I’ll call it good, see help, buddy open website is also very good ah! And we usually visit the corporate website a no different. As someone who has been working for IT for a long time, he has a unique eye opening. I opened the source file and found his weakness:

1, TITLE there is a problem: enterprise website promotion is the product, first of all, you should put the focus of publicity the product name in the first place; secondly, is your other non key products, TITLE products do not exceed 4 or above will form no focus, or more did not play a good role; finally you should put it, is the name of the enterprise, the same enterprise name in China will not repeat, search your business name to your company’s website.

2, the keywords keyword has a problem: he has a lot of keywords, but one thing he forgot to do. That is, there is no comma separation between all keywords. This is actually a big mistake. The search engine is not judged by a keyword in space, but rather by commas. This caused a string into the user search keywords, certainly not such a long word – failure.

3 (description), describing the error: when the search keyword description is below the title text, his relationship with the user whether to click on your site, your site fundamental source do no good, no user information users don’t click on your website. The key words appear to be related to the keywords on your TITLE. And his website description and web site >

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