My story with 53KF

one, meet

first know 53KF, because I have a friend in May 06 the company, started selling LIVE800, that is similar with QQ chat tools, entertainment is different from that of QQ, it is for commercial purposes, can open the page after the initiative to pop up a dialog invitation function is to increase the amount of consultation in order to enhance the sales.

The beginning of an

, not very concerned about, think QQ was too general, ordinary people have QQ, QQ customer service website, naturally after the dialogue, and as a friend, can also keep in touch, although the LIVE800 can let customers do not need to visit QQ, communicate directly in the web page, but is unable to keep in touch with each other, or need to get each other QQ number or contact phone number, can track customer.

was also at that time, listening to friends say, in this field, 53KF is also very good, and LIVE800 is the best 2, did not know at that time TQ and other online customer service system. So, look at the next 53KF, and LIVE800 feel almost the same, there are differences.

two, collaboration,

06 years in May when I first started domain hosting business, cooperation and the end of June, Xiamen Huazhong began, public domain host management system sales, the beginning of lack of experience, until November, finally opened at the end of 06 years, finally a breakthrough, 07 years, sales the whole is very good, in March the emergence of a small peak, then the profit is very good, and because of the emergence of competitors, this is unbelievable between sales and agents from the official competition, I continue to engage in activities, all kinds of promotional measures, this time sales is stable, sales reached sales since August the highest level, but profits have been declining, and later, the official service is satisfactory, the last in December, a Henan customer makes me angry, then gradually stop pin The sale of public, to 08 years in March completely terminated.

at that time in more than a year, I don’t have too much attention to 53KF, but every time always think of it, also asked a partnership that may yet happen, until September 07, before the national day, a partnership with 53KF, do a few domestic operations center.

and 53KF cooperation, one is to supplement the public system, mainly for the domestic IDC service providers, combination, can strengthen our advantages, the other is thought as a project, to the team in the local development, the training team, expand the influence.

The beginning of an

, and joint promotion public system, the effect is good, and later in the local sales difficult, for many reasons, such as sales ability, local enterprise network awareness, the list is still there, but far less than expected.

later, in March of 08 years, Guangzhou branch of Nanjing business circle

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