Web site construction soft Wen nothing to write how to do

since he got a small station, the website construction of the soft text in the website optimization and promotion of the role of more and more importance. The importance of soft website construction is self-evident, but how to write for the website promotion favorable original text, is every webmaster headache, not write, but really not what things can be written. For a web site, you can write something more website web design promotion optimization is to make their own feelings and experiences, through the station and so on, and to the Months and years pass by. according to several aspects of this writing original soft Wen, estimated Evans as the gush man would be at a loss what to do. So, website construction class of original soft Wen expired how to write it,


first talk about pseudo originality. The other is the so-called pseudo original text take over, modify, change the title and end, mainly for the search engine, to let the search engine think you this is not seen before the Internet, it will immediately give some attention, even to a higher included weight. But, again, change a qualified pseudo original, no more than yourself to write original, simple how much. First of all, we must change the head and tail of the original article. Secondly, we must change the paragraph order and make the whole article smooth. We must also attract people, and the work we need to do is not simpler than the original one. Although some tools can be implemented, but after all is a tool, certainly no artificial meticulous. Originally, I also used tools to change pseudo original, but change out of the article, donkey lips not horse mouth, at least not smooth, have to give up.

personal feeling, in writing for website construction of the kind of soft, can be appropriate to add some of their own feelings or related content, can even write a playful tone to ridicule the words in order to regulate the atmosphere and increase the effect of the content. It also gives the reader more patience to finish reading your masterpiece. Sometimes not necessarily only for the industry to write the soft text to have effect, a good soft Wen, can attract many other industry people to read, can achieve the purpose of entertainment is good. I once wrote a self feeling can still be soft, it is written in a tone of ridicule, I do SEO experience, attracted a lot of readers, but also to the site brought a certain amount of access. Therefore, a good soft Wen is very critical, and the key is to draw materials and writing methods. My station www.531dns.com inside, there are many classic examples of soft Wen, and my own creation, to achieve a good effect of the soft text, we are interested, you can refer to.

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