Talking about the development of parent child network integrating resources is more important than

had always been a movie, joke, entertainment, tech station. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll do it this time.

read a lot of articles in A5, as if about parenthood. I’ll talk about my architecture and planning for parenthood. The key word for me is that integrating resources is more important than creating resources.

oh baby baby (, in March 2009 to start planning, do the pre planning is the picture station at that time, because the company has become the photography department (the ps: model MM are positive) and game department, and is ready to begin shopping network. See this, I would like to make a website, it is best to use the company’s resources, so that it will help their own development, but also can easily use all resources. Then began to investigate, consult, write budgets, programs. Almost to the end of April and early May, the project has been finished, it to the boss, approval. But thank Shanghai well network, this scheme adopted by the.

began calling artists and programs to begin writing in May. It is expected to be formally launched on 6.1. But at that time, because the company’s business was too busy, many customers had to be busy, and many problems had been postponed. Push push in, until July, oh baby family network is officially launched. There is a column because the reason for the resignation of the program, so the module written in half, and the results have to throw the module to the Jilin development group to do, there is also a lot of things. However, the overall site does not affect the use.

, these are the pre planning of aiyobaby’s parenting network. As for the latter and photography cooperation, and game animation cooperation, as well as we have a broad shopping network, group customers, these are very convenient expansion. As long as you think about it, you can think of a lot of profit increase points. About later, I will continue to develop in the days to come.

parent network, in the final analysis is a web site, as inseparable from the content, inseparable from the membership. And as time goes on, the members will settle down. A good website can carry on, and I firmly believe that it depends on word of mouth. And it is parenting website, more can’t be the slightest careless. In fact, for parenting sites, I do not have any experience, are relying on a lot of friends to find relevant information, look at other websites, learn from other people’s excellence.

I don’t think it’s time to promote this. Although the boss has also asked me many times about advertising in GG. Content does not feel enough, not yet, if the promotion out, even if members come in and feel that there is no substance, they will leave. But how to save the maximum cost to maximize the benefits, this I know. Because photography department put ads in GG, as for keywords, I will not say. So I made the relevant keywords in the past. Basically, as long as you search for this, the first one is the GG ad of the photography department, and the one below is mine. Hey, this is the test

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