Not all grass root webmaster can tame community gate this horse



can be compared to the trainers for every webmaster we face different types of operation, site like different types of horses are tame. For community portal site, I think a lot of grassroots webmaster are eager to it. I have also tried to run in a community portal site, in the webmaster group for a green hand maybe it is a fearless courage. A year passed, the website and there is not much improvement in the operation, and the author also found many deficiencies and defects, and also realize the community portal not every grassroots webmaster can easily tame the horse. Here I briefly share some of their views.

1: community portal is the "grave" of all the grassroots webmaster who can only do technology.

why I said is only the gateway community grassroots webmaster "grave"? The reason is very simple, first of all we know that the community portal sites and other types of sites, the biggest difference is that its operation is inseparable from the line. The main profit from local community portals comes from offline. For many will only technical grassroots webmaster, may do online promotion, profit or no problem, but encountered problems offline may encounter difficulties. Take a simple example, such as the line with the business activities, how to find businesses, and negotiate with the business to get more chips, I think a lot of technical grassroots Adsense will not know where to start. Of course, this is a small problem for those who run the business, but for those who face the computer grassroots webmaster, it is difficult. So I’m here to say that community portals are a "grave" for grassroots members who can only be skilled".

two: many grassroots webmaster on the community portal constantly winding road, walk a dead end

although the old saying goes, "all roads lead to Rome", the road to success is not only one, but on the road of site operation is not all the same, we often encounter many detours, cul de sac. Many grassroots Adsense often because of the lack of their own views, in the operation of community portal, Shangrao detours, go blind alley. For example, many grassroots Adsense to define their own community portal, the pursuit of love are some big and full theme, in fact this is a wrong idea that itself in some grassroots webmaster resources is congenital deficiency, also will be a lack of competitiveness. At this time we should choose some of their and the theme of refining operations, such as we can run some local education, such as parent-child mother, local female consumer shopping, local real estate and so on refinement of the theme. Only in this way can we avoid detours and avoid the blind alley.

three: team operations in order to let the community portal go further

, if you have a certain community portal results, traffic reached a certain level, then you stand, I think the team can operate. Because community gate >

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