Why should DV layout be used in web design

DIV+CSS is the most popular or most popular way of doing web design. That I do web design and website production for six or seven years, when DIV has just emerged, and friends had tried to use DIV, but because the DIV+CSS technology is not mature, so it is not too much, still use TABLE, but today, DIV+ CSS has put TABLE+CSS out, I

, these people who use TABLE often have to be familiar with DIV.

first of all, the advantage of DIV is that the style is separated from the main content, greatly reducing the amount of web code and making web pages download more quickly. And for the latter site maintenance, it is also very convenient, and this is the biggest advantage of DIV. But personally think, DIV does not have any shortcomings, such as a large and complex structure of the site, the use of DIV layout for team cooperation, it is not a small torture. Because all of the DIV tags, if not I do, simply can not find the content required, of course, can add notes, but this does not completely solve this


used for TABLE people, DIV is indeed difficult to adapt, this is like learning martial arts, you had to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, if we learn Wudang, perhaps there had been a collision, unless you forgot the original foundation, again. DIV is the same, for me, for the use of DIV control box attributes are a small problem, good, now through practice gradually overcome this difficulty.

DIV+CSS has a long way to go.

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