Soft Wen network how to see the writing from the point of view of soft writing

as far as I know, in Admin5 webmaster, web editor for a day to see dozens of articles, for many manuscripts, editing is just a glance, delete is relentless, so what the manuscript is easy to delete


1, I can’t figure out what to say. Unless special circumstances, web editors generally do not accept very long manuscripts, they like short drafts, even if only five hundred words, the editor will be released at the right place. But the problem is that if the writer fails to direct his writing intentions, the editor will direct the manuscript to the death penalty".

2, try to introduce yourself. The editor took one look, the author tried to introduce his company, in their own products, the company profile and products as articles to editors, even one eye does not want to see more, readers don’t care about your company what is what you are selling products, the occasional allusion Never mind. But, to the editor when advertising, can not discuss with you delete draft.

3, not

. The editor looked at the beginning of the two paragraph, can not find the point, did not see your article shows the "flash point", I feel very vulgar, and then will not look down. If you start with a unique point of view, the editor will be in front of you, the publication is not published, followed by editors will appreciate first, and then to consider whether to recommend or display the home page.

4, editors also want to save trouble. The editor also want to save, not just send out the word manuscript, that is to edit the pursuit of things, so the editor read the article, look at the way of writing is concise, clear paragraphs, super logical, for this kind of manuscript editing, want to send without demur. On the contrary, no organization, unclear narrative articles, will be eliminated, the soft net ( suggest that you download a super network editing toolbox, through this tool to edit after submission after the manuscript typesetting is the norm, that will be very welcome by editing the manuscript.

5, editor of love wordy manuscript, especially love "bookkeeping" essay, in this article, the editor took one look, you know the author could not write, unless there is something about the article, otherwise this article is abandoned.

6, editors like to read critical articles best and enjoy the best points. Because editors are literate, and they want to be deeper, they can be read by higher and more literate people. Like to sell things, who do not want their things to the world 500 strong, who do not want their products to a special banquet, editing is the same, for those of ordinary readers looked deep and profound obscure boring article, the editor will feel that this is a good article. Editors do not lack the reader, so the high end of the reader is the reader they are looking for.

7, don’t make a mistake. Some articles are not bad, but the text is not correct, you introduced marketing articles, voted to the human resources website, you talk about the content of the tour, voted for a hit

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