What SEO needs is carefulness


SEO is used to understand a half understand, it is collecting the chain, of course, this is 2008, since 09 years after leaving the network, basically didn’t stand, his website also all processing and lost a lot of domain name was registered or filed for registration.

ready to start this year, made a guest of slimming products website last month, according to the complete operation of a website, from the study method of SEOWHY firstly, the domain name is old, before the other station, Baidu included thousands of +, but not what weight, no flow. K has not been, and snapshot updates more timely, that is, no outside the chain.

content, original update, every day three to five or so, just started to really good effect, exchanged a few Links, because the new station, can’t do too much outside the station optimization, the station optimization mainly do anchor text, and navigation, keyword density in 8%, the original article in a day mainly to do long tail keywords.

the beginning of a period of time, snapshot update is not very awesome, because it is the original, basically the content of the website are all included, including the column page. Spiders are more diligent, because the old station, so the spider visited a lot of the previous path, so from the robots.txt to the previous web path to do the relevant settings.

has a month, and the main keywords have been ranked, of course, dozens of pages away, at least a little drama, it takes time to see the real effect. Last week in a SEO tool, see a chain inspection. You want to try website there is no death, it is not particularly noticed before, what is the template of the handwriting, that there should be no dead links, and column links are the corresponding labels.


, after the inspection, the death of two, a section of the chain for a number of letters behind the label, so the cause of death. Another is that the death of the file system Web site, because the Communication Management Bureau for the record number to the website, the result is not open to the site and create a chain, do not know is not the cause of these two aspects, the two links after the end of this week, basically the hair all the seconds, and it is awesome. Ranking also went up several, because tomorrow will have a big update, so concern about floating up the rankings.

The reason

this article is, don’t think how to manually your abilities, or think what should be no problem, SEO is not only the original content, user experience, more is included in some of the details, whether it is for visitors, or in the case of spiders, have to do to the details, sometimes in order to reflect the success or failure of the details. The above content by weight loss products: http://s.tbzl.net/ original feeds, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you


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