Thoughts on website management and popularization

has been doing e-commerce sunglasses for over a year now, and it has been a tough step from website construction to optimized promotion. Now think about it and feel it. Here to share with you the harvest of this period of time. E-commerce in the country is very fire, we want to make money through the website, you have to let more people know our website. So, how to promote your website? I think, to make full use of information and news exposure to site traffic, let the site frequently appear in front of the search results, will search each user related information are sunglasses "attract" to our website, and through the rich content and good service. To meet the information needs of users, allowing users to recognize our website, and then accept our corporate culture and service concept.

Considering the structure of the SEO

web site production process, the purpose is to make the search easier for users to find us, so we have to be on the site for comprehensive, careful and effective for search engine optimization work; after a careful analysis of the site, we need to carry out the whole optimization, the optimization work of all aspects of the the column, in order to improve the search engine included the number of pages, the page level and at all levels of your weight, at the same time, we will analyze the key words through some strategy reasonable layout of the web page, and ultimately enhance the number of keywords in the search engine rankings.

in the specific operation, we can through the Baidu search behavior trend index to observe the user, users can understand the is different in the different stages of the search; early "keywords sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses ten big brands such as search in large quantities, at this stage, the user needs is to provide a variety of basic Sunglasses information; medium: combination of keywords such as" price "," brand sunglasses sunglasses "demand increases, at this stage, the user to start specific suffix or prefix query information according to the late" sunglasses; Tyrannosaurus Rex sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses and other precision search quantity, from the analysis of behavior, more to the latter more and more people recognized, our products through online Sunglasses precision, therefore, online customer with sales and customer service to communicate Brisk. To sum up, our optimization work in addition to the overall improvement, but also in the three periods, focusing on different directions.

marketing strategy

1, a variety of ways to disseminate the inherent relationship between our website and keyword combinations

2, whole marketing: news marketing, blog marketing, BBS marketing, SEO integrated communication,

3, explore the advantages of our website in the industry. Enhance visibility within the industry.

media selection,

1, forum selection: more crowd gathered, targeted forum, strong popularity: 500 media coverage and forum, forum maintenance (including,,, NetEase, Baidu, the four major portals Post Bar Tianya, community in 3 communities, the other.

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