The French color website used the free marketing approach to make the subscription rate soar 50 time

sometimes it’s right to act against human logical thinking,


normally, foreign customers are taken to pay mode, now a French website "Marc Dorcel" allows you to watch the launch of free activities, has also become a sensation in the global marketing case, but you have to fight through the following practices, customs clearance, to get the final victory".


, this is a #Handsoff# marketing campaign, which means "hold your hand."".

As shown in figure

, you can see free, but very frenzied, you see the edge with the hands on Q, S, P, L these four buttons. In other words, your two hands must always be on the keyboard so that you can continue to watch it for free.


but think about it, who would like to watch the website and put both hands on the keyboard? Look, the film is DIY, or you’re going to be numb. You can’t use your hands. So many people just pay for it, who has the skills to suffer,

then you can hear the sound of pocket money. Many people prefer to spend a little money to buy great joy.

, but do you think it’s over? It’s just the beginning. The rapid and massive benefits of network communication are the focus, when people are scrambling to show off their keyboard skills on social media Twitter, showing off how they can liberate their hands and watch movies,


can’t use your hands! Use your feet!



high tech equipment uses


solidarity power big


sends out kittens to help


because of this creativity, let Marc Dorcel website:

visits jumped 27 times,

subscription service subscriptions jumped 50 times,

within 24 hours, Twitter messages on #handsoff# more than 5000,

even got a "2015 Cannes Lions" award,


, look!

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