Register domain name do not go to purple field

recently saw the news, network has already begun on the CN domain name free experience, free registration. I wonder if this is a joy or sorrow for the webmaster friends. Happy is the meter, do not spend money, you can do as many stations as you can do. Worry is that the rice free of charge, garbage station a large number of breeding, will seriously interfere with the site of this piece of pure land.

07 years CN domain name 1 yuan activity, make a great deal of noise. At the same time also came out, Baidu does not include CN domain name said, and now a year later, Baidu is not included in the CN domain name, only obvious slow a lot, and included not before so smooth. Who is to blame? If the domain name is not a CN element? Would also like this? Why Baidu is not on the COM and net domain name included restrictions? Put aside these do not say, CN meters is registered cheap, but involves another problem that is due after the renewal problem of M.

is a new thing, the time to buy is 1 yuan to buy, but after a year of renewal is 55 yuan, I believe that this is unacceptable. Now the market is the same, CN m, in the new net renewals only 1 yuan, ready to roll out, very convenient, do not need to renew a year. In the purple field renewal needs 55 yuan, turn out quite the trouble, but also need to renew the difference a year so much, why is this? Let us see these domain agents really? My slogan is to register the domain name, do not go to the purple field.

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