What preparations do you need to sell your website Let me show you the way



last time, after the acquisition of Google enterprise mail exposure aroused everyone’s curiosity, the TECH2IPO brings bondage guide to you, I hope you can help to tell me what you want to sell the site.

, after years of hard work on websites or blogs, doesn’t go on for a variety of reasons, so you can consider selling it at this time. Although selling it may not bring high returns, or it may be that investment and income don’t balance, maybe you just want to prove something, or maybe you don’t have enough abilities to manage more experienced people.

for whatever reason, selling web sites is not an easy job. There’s a lot to do before the site sells "tags":

pre-sales: site should be ready,

Is the

site worth selling at least? If your site hasn’t reached the level that you can sell, it’s likely to attract fewer buyers or be forced to sell at a low price.

first, website differentiation. Do not let your website be similar to other websites, so that buyers can see the value of the site. If you are a design class site, please give a fascinating design tutorial; if it is an information website, please give a visionary market analysis.

, an ugly blog, nobody buys it. If your web page design outdated and old-fashioned, as soon as possible is redesigned, at least let the website look good, very attractive.

needs to be aware that if your site is profitable, you may get into trouble. The buyers point of view, the purpose is to want to sell your website on the site before the "collapse" the money and leave, whether in the near future is up or down.

, if it is an information website, has a group of visitors, authors, or columnists who need to ensure that the team is successfully delivered to the buyer and that they have the opportunity to continue their work or exit.

not all sites can be sold, if you have a blog on WordPress, Blogspot blog, before the sale to buy a domain name to all move in the past, and guide the reader to the new site, do a series of necessary SEO.

finally, remember: never be idle before you sell your website. To perk up and make websites look valuable, buyers buy after the absolute value.

ready to sell materials:

After the

site is ready, you need to prepare a series of materials for buyers to see.

property list, this document should be submitted to the agent or buyer to view, including:

web traffic information: current traffic data, historical traffic information, reader information (e.g., country, OS >)

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