No money how to start a small series of small business

a lot of friends because of the limited funds on hand to give up the business, in fact, not all entrepreneurial projects need a lot of money. No money can also start a business, the choice of small entrepreneurial projects, as long as the good, the same can make big money. What are the small entrepreneurial projects? Xiaobian this will give you recommend a few small entrepreneurial projects.

in TV shopping more and more fresh stuff, but you really want to let people buy, they hesitated. 40 thousand do some small business good? Based on this situation, if the rent instead of buying, open a home rental shop, its market potential is certainly not small. 40 thousand yuan can do business? Lease purchase of goods from the "small" start, the purchase price of goods can be 100-300300-500500-1000 yuan and other stalls, according to the level of fees. To buy a household electric oven as an example, the purchase price of 1000 yuan, if the price of 12 yuan a day rent, monthly rent out 20 times, available to rent 200 yuan, if the shop to purchase 15 items estimated cost of about 8000 yuan, deduct maintenance costs nearly a profit of $2000 a month.


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