Webmaster refueling series ASP platform how to build a gold medal in English website

I believe that the ultimate goal of

webmaster website or to earn income, I think most of the webmaster do Google alliance, I believe that most people have considered doing English station, but why now don’t start doing English station? The reason may be: 1. have language problem. Many of the English level may be difficult in the operation of English station stationmaster, difficulty is big. The 2. program, the majority of foreign PHP space, and using the Dede system, as the template and need some procedural knowledge, but the most simple PowerEasy system, powerful, but only the ASP platform and the component, operation is not good.

I have been a loyal user

easy, but I also found that very few foreign space registration ASP, so it has to give up his idea in the English station, PowerEasy open source, I do not hesitate to try to use the open source PowerEasy do English station, the result is successful. So I’m going to write this article and talk to you all.

first step: building English station system

We use the open source version of

easy to modify, first we must be clear that we build a what kind of website is to determine a good English station’s theme, I use a theme for the reference English health station. Our structure is relatively simple, only 10 columns, so we have to do the template is: Home template – article list template – article content templates. The three template file encoding should be changed to: UTF-8, this is very important Oh, template design, we are more familiar with, I do not say much. Two points to note: the first is the language pack to the replacement for the translation of the English language pack, online searchable; second is the article list page classification label can not use {$ShowPage}, English station to replace the {$ShowPage_en} [function: display paging HTML code (English) use: all channel home page, column page, the article page, the article page, recommend popular articles page pagination display information page], basically the three templates ready, set into the system, one way English station was born. I did not write in detail how to make the template, if it is easy to move new, but also refer to the relevant articles.

second step: register domain name

we do English station, do not use.Cn, and I feel embarrassed. This domain name is very no advantage, and the best is to foreign domain name registration business to buy international domain name, how abroad resolution fast, search engine also relatively like. In the meantime, when choosing domain name, we understand, we do not do formal English station, our purpose is very simple, come IP namely, it is dot advertisement to earn money, so the choice of domain name is very important. What we need to do is a health station, then the domain name must include the word "health": health, for example

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