When you join the seven traps you know


a lot of business for the project so as to achieve the purpose of entrepreneurship, to get rich, but many of them are the first attempt, a lot of people in order to reduce the risk, and the choice of the franchise mode, then seven trap franchise when, you know?

engaged in franchise really have this lucrative myth? The answer is "yes", but is "no", why? The hidden behind the high profit risk is high, no one will be caught, however, many of the headquarter slightly as long as the media hype, everyone would like a swarm of bees. Go ahead, what are not, this is the unique "join myth", until it can only be wringing, crying, and all the help, the following points can be provided to the franchise people should understand how not to be cheated when joining in secret in this case.

a secret to avoid being cheated when:

headquarter is too strong. Entrepreneurs in the contract has not yet signed a contract, many of the headquarters of the business staff are very attentive, because these operators to earn bonuses. However, after signing, to provide service to the store… So, more work but no bonus, then they will put out a domineering face, you do not experience too… In short, you are tired of.

In addition, some restrictions on the

To avoid being cheated when the

the headquarters of the business Know-How. There are many to join the opening of the branch, so hastily set up a headquarters to join, this type of headquarters in the catering industry up to. The headquarters of the franchise needs to have a considerable number of Know-How, including the development and management of goods, business management, marketing and advertising campaigns, personnel recruitment and management, financial planning and operation. Some headquarters did not even set up a direct shop, do not have the store business management of Know-How, it can not help entrepreneurs to join the proper long-term operation of the shop. If the store location is good, rely on a large number of people to make a good business, as long as a little more rent on it. If the store address is not good, the sale of goods has become obsolete, the decline in business, store management will soon be a problem.

To avoid being cheated when the

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