Venture reminder beware of these tricks before opening the shop

many people choose to invest in the first venture to buy a small shop to operate, the accumulation of shop experience. But there are risks shop. Now there are many kinds of online fraud, the whole network Xiaobian remind you, when you open shop to beware of these tricks.

The first one:

Second strokes:

The third measure:

formatting inquiry (refers to the first printed price inquiry, your company name, and then fill in the demand for the product name, the extensive cultivation, sporadic, lead you fooled. You don’t become a liar this "thin" part!) , –99. The 99% is a liar: comment: liar if one of the inquiry, he spent too much energy, so he had to be printed in advance, the contents of a fill, a fax, all OK! Wait until you get hooked! Crack approach: to see such inquiry fax, do not have illusions, immediately thrown into the waste basket!

Fourth strokes:

Don’t ask him to

Fifth strokes:

the following area called "foreign trade company" and "Industrial Company" and "development company" "company" "company" and "the center" to improve more than 90 of Dandong, Shenyang, alert: Jinzhou, Dalian.

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