What guarantee 100 can make money project

entrepreneurs choose to start their own business, nothing more than to be able to earn some money, but the project on the market more species, which projects can make money who do not know. So today, the small series on the market for investors to recommend a few hundred percent of the market to make money to the project, to invest in some entrepreneurs.

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characteristics of tea

the investment benefits as follows: rent more than and 50 square meters the size of the store, the monthly rent 1500-2000 yuan, store decoration must be elegant and yet modern decoration, costs about 5000 yuan is enough to buy all kinds of dried flowers, tea; inventory of about 2000 yuan; purchase furniture, air conditioning and other audio equipment costs about 10 thousand yuan. In this way, coupled with the monthly salary of 2 employees, a total investment of about $20 thousand to open business. 2012 what? What to do to make money? Business strategy: 1) the quality of tea; 2) to rationalize the price of tea; 3) to improve the overall quality of the salesperson; the diversification of the operation; 5) to increase publicity efforts.


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