How to join a steak western restaurant

with the growing popularity of steak western style restaurants, more and more popular, joining a steak restaurant is a good choice for your business, then how to join the steak restaurant in the west? Today Xiaobian for you to join the steak restaurant more information!

1, pay a deposit in advance: after a comprehensive understanding of the concept of headquarters anyway, signed a deposit contract and pay a deposit.

2, initially reached a cooperation intention: in contact with the headquarters and the preliminary determination of the intention to join, you can visit the headquarters to visit and further understanding.

3, submit applications or leave a message, or contact directly with the headquarters for detailed consultation.

4, a field store investigation: good for the relevant procedures, the headquarters to send professional inspection personnel to your local assessment of the candidate site, make a comprehensive analysis and reasonable design of the internal structure of the layout of the environment around the store.

5, signed a formal contract: in the headquarters of the comprehensive evaluation of the store and to determine the appropriate shop, headquarters to sign a formal franchise contract.

6, store decoration design: 7 working days after the inspection, according to the actual situation of the headquarters of the store design, store door effect to your map and indoor layout.

7, store decoration construction: franchisees can be found in the local construction unit decoration construction. Decoration construction should be widely linked decoration company, after the completion of the renovation, the fire department can be put into operation before acceptance.

8, the procurement of goods: in the headquarters with the help of the store staff, the development of the bar, kitchen, the purchase of raw materials required for ordering.

9, staff recruitment: in about 20 days before the completion of the decoration, the franchisee for headquarters sent professional and technical personnel to the store when the area, presided over the staff recruitment, systematic training shop management etc..

10  to establish management system: the headquarters with the store management personnel, the system text frame headquarters unified, to formulate the rules and regulations of storefront management, job classification, responsibility, strict management.

11, business procedures: in the local authorities to apply for business license, tax registration, while handling fire, urban management, health, labor insurance and other related procedures.

12, marketing, combined with local conditions, reasonable planning promotional activities, can also be used for advertising in the local media, these initiatives should be vigorously carried out with the franchisee to be effective.

13, the trial business: during the trial operation in accordance with the formal rules of operation, and found problems in a timely manner, to achieve customer satisfaction.

14, official business: through the trial operation stage, improve the operating procedures

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