Open Bookstore location proposal

although the impact of online stores on the store is very large, but the choice to open a bookstore is a good choice. Now the bookstore industry competitive pressure is not small, so want to successfully set up shop, then the site should be how to do? Xiaobian compiled a number of site selection of the best collection, hoping to help you.

1, near the school

the in the vicinity of the location of the school, the students went to the bookstore to store the main motivation is to purchase their favorite books, learn to use the tape, and party chat, pass the time. Students should be provided with suitable books and audio-visual products. During the summer and winter business is light, the need for flexible operation.

2, residential lots

the lot of the customer is in a residential area and nearby residents, family magazines and entertainment books, holidays and working hours as the main consumption time. This is a feature of lots of books and audio-visual products, consumption of family life, especially in the magazine and DVD the largest consumption of home entertainment, which can bring people pleasure and knowledge of books and audio-visual products, can obtain good sales.

3, suburban lot

the lot previously considered is not ideal to shop, but now due to a substantial increase in the rapid development of a city and suburban vehicles, the commercial value of the lot is rising. This section is characterized by the main driving a variety of vehicles to provide life, rest, entertainment newspaper services.

4, corner position

corner position is often very ideal, it is located in the intersection of two streets, people is the stagnation point, can produce a "corner effect". Corner position can increase the area of the display window of the books and video products. Two streets of the flow of people gathered here, there are more pedestrians; can be more than two through the entrance to ease the flow of people crowded. Due to the location of the bookstore audio and video shop facing two street, choose which side as their main entrance, it becomes a very important issue. The general practice is: select the traffic flow of the street side as the main entrance of the bookstore audio and video shop, shop with the other side as a side door.

5, trigeminal junction


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