With 20 thousand to start funding to make the success of the story of the 6 stores

a lot of entrepreneurs are constantly lamented the difficulty of entrepreneurship, but the world every day, but there are so many successful entrepreneurs. Here Xiaobian to introduce one with 20 thousand start-up funds, but made a success story of the 6 stores, see what you might learn from the middle.


the beginning for Wang Jiancheng and not everything is difficult at the beginning of emotion, on the contrary, everything is so smooth, natural. Not only has a store will be born golden eggs, but also dug into the life of the first pot of gold.

early to be a success, so that Wang Jiancheng is full of confidence in their own business to think, do any business can be successful. In early 2001, in order to expand their business, Wang Jiancheng decided to invest in sanitary ware. He secured the agency of Spain potty the whole bathroom, and opened a store in the ceramics market, Hangzhou Tower. By the time he victory become dizzy with success did not realize that this time the investment impulse, will make their own difficulties the largest since the start.

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