The nternet bigwigs set off a fierce war card sports industry

The new trends in the development of

Internet industry, entrepreneurs should pay attention to, recently, the Internet giants launched a fierce sports industry "war card", in this war, other entrepreneurs how to "scissors"?

the hand of Ali Hengda start online business, challenge the line sports Tencent invested billions of shops; take NBA right to live, I want to test the water sports charging mode; LETV overweight events IP business, the whole industry chain layout of high speed sports…… The past one or two years, the Nuggets sports industry news heard, the brightest Internet heavyweights have announced to the world in action – medical, financial, film and television, sports is a new outlet".

9 years after the output value will reach 5 trillion   sports station on the new tuyere

2014 in October, the State Council issued "on accelerating the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" of sports consumption and sports industry will set the tone for the green and sunrise industry, and to determine the "2025 China sports industry total size of more than 5 trillion yuan" target. At present, the scale of China’s sports industry is only 1 trillion, which means there are about 400% growth.

"from the current layout movement bigwigs, have one thing in common, the events of IP, sports media, Internet sports as a starting point of the three block." Miu Liang said.

to music as sports as an example. At the end of March this year, it is announced as the International Cup (ICC) China 2015 -2 recommended

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