Zhuzhou Tianyi Science and technology city will build entrepreneurial Science Park

multi-creation space business incubator is a new thing, but as the seeds of greenhouse cultivation of entrepreneurship, in just a few years rushed all over the country. Zhuzhou city will start the construction of science and Technology Park Tianyi Science and Technology City entrepreneurship this month to end.

11 5, with the Tianyuan group Fengzhen ring Tong Community last 18 households headed the initiative with the signature of provincial key projects — Tianyi Science and Technology City entrepreneurial technology park project land demolition work completed.

according to the project construction, Tianyi Science and technology independent entrepreneurial Science Park Phase and the Great Wall computer Zhuzhou base project groundbreaking ceremony preparatory work is ready, the project will be fully started at the end of the month.

Tianyi Science and technology city science and Technology Park as independent entrepreneurs in high-tech, production services, real estate, tourism and leisure oriented type two and the urban and rural demonstration area.

Science and technology park to the north of Wuhan Guangzhou Avenue

after the completion of the Tianyi Science and Technology City entrepreneurship, east of Leshan Avenue, South Avenue West to innovation, the Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, is a high tech Zone, Tianyuan District Sixth billion projects, and included in the Hunan province innovation park "135" project success.

Tianyi Science and Technology City Entrepreneurial Science Park Tianyuan group Fengzhen ring across the pond and lotus two area, the total number of housing 86, land area of 628 acres.

Since the

"Tianyi Science and Technology Park City of science and technology entrepreneurship is a group of Fengzhen to carry out land acquisition since the first district level local projects, but also in the area in a city and the province ahead of the planning project, since the levy demolition work, supported by the local people." Fengzhen group responsible person.

and a number of innovative incubator is everywhere, but in the construction of incubators at the same time, should actively take advantage of local resources, cultivate the special skill, hit the market in the future to avoid maxspace bubble tendency is eliminated.

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