Shanxi new business incubator support

may now have a lot of people to feel what the business incubator is very strange, now around the business incubator has been established, it is actually a good business platform for the majority of entrepreneurs.

"graduation we intend to start, but the actual operation is not so simple. Rent a house when the venture site, the cheapest 1 years to spend about $50 thousand, which does not include the cost of water, electricity, heating, etc., this alone makes me unbearable." Wang’s University is a professional computer, always wanted to start their own business, but graduated two years, this dream has not been realized. He said that there are a lot of entrepreneurs want to graduate, the problems encountered are roughly the same, starting too high. In the future, this situation will be improved, according to the day before the release of the "Shanxi province implementation opinions" on further improving the employment work under the new situation, the construction and development of the market in our province, specialization, integration and network of the public record space Venture Park, and give appropriate subsidies in accordance with the provisions of.

the so-called "public record space", open service platform is to provide low-cost, small and micro enterprise innovation development and individual business facilitation, all elements, in specific form similar entrepreneurial coffee, innovation works, is the entrepreneurial intention of young people gathering place. For example, in Beijing, Zhongguancun Venture Street, there are a lot of entrepreneurial cafes, here is not only a place to talk about leisure, but also a good place for young people to talk about inspiration, looking for a project. Some entrepreneurial space is also working with the business sector to provide a package of registration and registration services for start-up companies.

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