Open a pet shop business is hot matchmaker to make millions of years do not have to worry about

people’s living standards improve, raising pets has become a lot of people’s favorite. But animals have a lot to do. Spotted a huge development prospects of the pet market, I intend to open a pet shop business simply did not expect the matchmaker, not hot, not to a year, I even brought this to make a turn in a year’s time bought a house to buy a car!

is even more ridiculous is that people master and little bitch and I three are satisfied, and my dog could not "her"??? This dog to love, I must wish you love. Once I met a friend who never went to work when he was laid off. I asked him: what do you rely on? He said that he had a female dog, he knew a dozen dogs raised are relatively wealthy business man, he took the door to the mating bitch like other male dogs, every time he can get one hundred or two hundred dollars, so the day is leisurely.

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