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environmental protection industry high gas, many entrepreneurs have aimed at a green business opportunities, and strive to get the gold in the environmental protection industry. Want to take the book to learn about the environmental protection industry to get rich know-how, the Chinese family business story may help you.

" Pacific highland dry cleaners " Fillmore street in downtown San Francisco, has been in operation for 40 years. The little window window, most of the area is a carefully designed shop logo occupied, it is green tone, with a pattern of leaves and English name is become an independent school. Outside the window is also posted " eco-friendly dry cleaners " and other promotional text.

the state of California enacted regulations more stringent requirements of the state, all residents of the building is located in the dry cleaners must stop using perchloroethylene before July 2010, the dry cleaning machine of the preparation if life in 15 years will also need to be eliminated according to the provisions. San Francisco municipal government also attaches great importance to, and combined with the relevant policies of California, announced that it will take the lead to switch to replace the whole dry cleaning system does not contain a large amount of $20 thousand to provide assistance.

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