How to manage the aging of the customer service

the same kind of service, young people can accept, the elderly may be difficult to understand, so different people, we need different services. While the retail terminal of the tobacco industry is a large part of the aging customers, due to the relatively low level of general culture of this part of the old customers, and some even vision, hearing, poor response and other issues. To solve these problems, as fighting in the frontline of the tobacco customer manager, clerk, telephone interviewing, city management staff (hereinafter referred to as "four") should be more than and 4".

one to listen more. Most of the older customers like to nag, they will be in the cigarette business problems or the idea of feedback to the enthusiastic feedback of four members. In the face of these old customers put forward opinions and suggestions of the four staff not only to smile, with due respect, patience to listen, to understand their feelings, but also to take serious attitude, timely feedback to the relevant departments, and actively help solve. Only in this way can we establish a good image of tobacco enterprises!

two to do more. Most old customer’s premises are relatively scattered, most customers located in remote rural areas, a kind of cigarette and counter health is not well done. In this case, the client manager must help them do cigarette display, clean the counter, these are just little things, maybe it will bring a lot of convenience to the old customers, may be able to make these old customers feel you more approachable, persuasive, easy to get along with, but also improve their loyalty and satisfaction, in order to achieve zero win-win.

three to say more. May be some of the old customers deaf language, thinking, in order to choose to buy cigarettes, there may be hesitant. Therefore, for these aging customers, the four must be regarded as their own elders, do not be anxious not impatient, with more user-friendly language and this part of the aging customer communication, communication. Introduce the brand, publicity policy must slow down the pace, the wording is appropriate, gentle tone. In the time allowed, can also accompany them to chat chat, Lara homemade, the only way to get their support and understanding.

four to remind. Some criminals driven by interests, often by substitution, Tibet dark tactics such as ill-gotten gains and seek, generally choose the ability to identify poor old customers. Therefore, for this part of old customers, four staff not only to be more alert, but also actively to teach them some anti-theft, anti fraud, anti counterfeit and anti switch knowledge, ensure the operation safety, make this part of old customers to feel a genuine concern for the tobacco companies.

aging customers due to physical reasons, the higher the quality of service requirements, therefore, cigarette operators if you want to get the attention of older customers, naturally also need to make the service quality is higher. In short, for this part of old customers, tobacco four must be in accordance with the "special"

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