How to promote autumn clothing

it was autumn, some people do not know how to buy clothes, because the weather is worse, some dealers change unpredictably, also do not know how to promotion clothing, a street lined with clothing store already is deep autumn, autumn clothing store to do promotions to attract customers? Xiaobian teach you a few tricks to protect you the fall of Business Flourishes.

Xiaobian found, in addition to a small number of Direct stores can be directly returned to the superior remaining garment manufacturers, most of the brand clothing store will be in the quarter to close the sale launched discount activities, or to wait until next season will launch together with the new, but most will have three to half off discount. Since the National Day holiday, the major brand clothing store ushered in the peak of autumn loaded sales. National Day holiday has always been a golden time for new promotions, and discount efforts, attractive to consumers." Kimi Q brand shop manager told reporters that the National Day 3 days since the store cumulative sales quantities of goods accounted for ten percent of the total sales season.


during the National Day holiday, each big brand clothing stores have launched a variety of discount promotions, promotional efforts on weekdays rare. Yesterday, the reporter visited the city a number of shopping malls and stores found that some stores launched a "full gift, win free single award sweepstakes, some brands for the autumn old product gives half off attractive discounts.

and domestic clothing brand price war is different, some foreign clothing brand is very calm, although there is no eye-catching promotional advertising, the store business has not deserted. "We are basically not involved in the promotion of the festival organized by the mall, but we have introduced our own discount program." Jiangnan Building JACK& JONE brand store manager told reporters that the store to half off of the fixed sales of a large number of goods in stock.

and the store Business Flourishes, on the Internet, autumn sales is also fast. The reporter saw in the Taobao online, coats, sweaters, boots autumn…… Each shop has launched a new advertising on autumn and winter. At the same time, the diversification of business shop also give consumers more choices in some operating a number of brand clothing shop, consumers often can be much cheaper than the store price to buy the same goods, and these brand clothing in its official shop prices are always consistent with the store. The reporter consulted several well-known online customer service manager, they said, the price advantage to drive, since the autumn autumn active online sales situation, the volume growth in the same period last year, seasonal obvious momentum.

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