Retail sales need to pay attention to timeliness

since it is promotion, nature also need to have a certain timeliness, so that can let the promotion can cause the attention of customers. If a shop has been doing activities, naturally there is no way to attract customer attention. So, we say that retailers use promotion but also pay attention to the timeliness, also is to clear the promotion period, the only way to give a clear time limit, can cause the customer’s attention, causing them to grab time to buy.

I visited found that many retailers use promotions seem to show no time limit, such a long time will cause customers psychological fatigue, or because of the time not clear will cause the customer misunderstanding and even disputes. Therefore, the use of retail sales as a means of promotion must have a clear timeliness.

has no definite timeliness, it is equivalent to the vague, equivalent to no cut-off time, so it is not the end of the end of the retail users want to end. Although "my retail I call the shots", but if willful will also cause the customer’s query, cause their dissatisfaction. A similar situation happened to me, which eventually led to both retail and customer psychology.

retail He Wei: every time I engage in promotional activities, will be identified as 3-4 days or so. This will not only ensure that the customer has a certain range of time to buy, but also allows customers to think that time should be purchased. Time is too long, may cause mental fatigue, short time is difficult to achieve sales promotion, to attract customers. I also in the year two ready to engage in promotion this year, once in the twelfth lunar month early, once in the twelfth lunar month late.

at that time, I will ask relatives to help, put up a shed in front of the shop, with a tweeter broadcast, limited promotional time, the majority of customers to each other, expired. I initially intended to first printed advertisements, please distribute in to nearby residential areas, I am looking forward to achieve good results. Set time limit, the time will cause a sense of urgency to the customer, the formation of an active buying power.

if a promotion does not have timeliness, this promotion is no way to attract more customers, because customers no matter what day the stores are the same price, naturally there is no tension shopping, such promotions and what meaning? Therefore, the store promotions, really need to pay attention to timeliness.

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