Several problems must be considered to do business

do business catering, want to succeed in business, first of all to identify food items, which is the first step in the catering industry. Choose a good food and beverage project, you must have a practical development plan in order to ensure your entrepreneurial goals and entrepreneurial execution.

first, the basic principles of food and beverage Entrepreneurship:

1, first of all to identify food items. Deliberate in which project is most appropriate, what business can successfully predict your career will grow at what speed? Please consider the following principles: profit and sales of closely related food items, such as when the sales growth of 20%, net profit growth of 50% in the food and beverage items can be less dependent on other projects; there is a strong, independent catering project; market demand continuous food items; few go bankrupt event catering project.

2, your dream to be different from the characteristics of competitors, it is important to start at the beginning of the business, to occupy a dominant position in a certain market.

3, we must ensure the quality of products and services, which is the key to success. To have the most perfect service, the most abundant inventory, the best reputation, to become your competitors can not resist the strong. Whether it is a commodity or a service, are the best; marketing is also unique, effective.

4, must work hard. Generally comply with 5+10 rules. That is to say, it will take five years and ten times more than you imagine the cost to reach the other side of success. All things cost more than twice as much time as you might think, but often only half as much as you expect.


5, do business, to count how much cash and deposits. Because you might lose them and never make it back.

6, the first person to do market research, can not refer to other companies or government information, their goals are not suitable for your own goals.

7, before the company, to work in this field to a certain period of time, you will shorten the time alone in the industry to explore.

two, a practical development plan –

– formal written plan, can set up a new company for the establishment of an invaluable, positive development goals. It consists of four parts:

1, target statement, including the company’s development goals, as well as the way to achieve the goal. If you want to get the money, how much money will be needed, how to use the funds, how to repay and how to pay dividends to investors, etc..

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