What are the problems that young people are prone to

in the modern society, many young people do not want to work for others, but to independent entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs social experience is certainly not an older man rich social experience, they have great enthusiasm, hope some day in the future can have wealth. But in the process of entrepreneurship is easy to encounter some problems.

Second, youth entrepreneurship financing. The biggest problem of youth entrepreneurship is the lack of funds, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the development, a loan is how hard it is, therefore, with large and medium-sized enterprises, compared to infrastructure than can be described as "dilute cold front traveling". In this way, to a large extent, the young entrepreneurs in the initial stage of the difficult situation.

Third, the lack of young and carefree entrepreneurial space. Although young people can do the company at home, but the entrepreneurial atmosphere in the home, and a bustling, young people share information, common incentive entrepreneurial platform compared to the latter is obviously more attractive and vitality.


at present, China has begun to establish a number of entrepreneurial platform for entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial needs programs, training, guidance, providing a good entrepreneurial environment for young entrepreneurs. For those young entrepreneurs lack of resources lack of background, independent struggle is undoubtedly the only way, this road must be filled with all kinds of hardships and dangers, but as long as you keep the confidence and the right direction, believe that your efforts will get a good return.

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