Chengdu college entrance examination district accompanying spend 20 thousand rental

college entrance examination getting closer and closer to us, the majority of students and parents are in a very tense state, for the upcoming college entrance examination has been for several years, we all hope in the college entrance examination, to play their best, enter the ideal university. Here, we make a report for the accompanying phenomenon in a middle school in Chengdu.

still has a few days on the college entrance examination. I am a rent in Chengdu parents to read with their parents, the inner pressure is very large! I am afraid that I do not care to pass the tension to the child, how should I do?

41 year old Zhang, while taking a break at noon, in the supermarket to buy some fresh vegetables and a small bag of lean meat, to read the son of the third year to prepare lunch. After verification of the situation, the old man quickly walked into the city of Qingyang in front of the Confucious’Temple District, a district of Chengdu. Such a life, Zhang has been accompanied by his son for nearly a year.

even days, WCC reporter visited the Chengdu high schools, such as the way Mr. Zhang not parents, not in the minority. They spend tens of thousands of dollars per year, in the vicinity of the school rent supervision, take care of the upcoming college entrance examination of children, and even some of the 2/3 of the houses are rented by students. This makes the residents of the housing surrounding the school, the hotel price increases, some of the old district 70 square meters of housing, monthly rent of nearly $3000.

popular entrance area over 60% households are students

30 at noon on 12 points, with the bell rang, Chengdu, more than a number of secondary school students are out of the classroom, and some went straight to the cafeteria, while others leave school to eat.

17 year old Xiao Xiao, Qingyang district at the Confucious’Temple Street near the Shishi middle school this year, read the third he will attend the university entrance exam. As in the past, in order to catch up with the time to review, he and two classmates all the way, trot into the school more than 20 meters away from a small area.

a year ago, in order to allow him to seize the time to review, parents rented a room here for him. Three meals a day early in the morning, he will go back to the rental house for dinner, and at this point in time, the parents will do a good meal for him. There are 5 students in our class who live in the same community." Xiao Xiao said that now there are 14 classes in grade three, the number of each class in about 50 people, and like him out of the rent, each class has about 2 to about 3."

a guard said, there are more than and 90 households in the District, now more than and 60 households are high school students and parents paternity test. "Here near the school, and the environment is particularly clean, only housing rented to students, no foreign Xianzarenyuan, so popular."

guard said that most of the students will be admitted to high school, until after graduating from high school will move out, some students worry about renting a room, or to recommend