How to choose the right project the success of the wise remark of an experienced person

success is successful is to find ways and new direction after summing up all kinds of failure, they have very good experience for the majority of entrepreneurs ariadne. Xiao Bian here and share some successful investment personnel wise remark of an experienced person. These venture capitalists entrepreneurs wealth man what, why are they in just a few minutes to a little-known entrepreneurs to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and a contemptuous disregard for some items? How do they determine what projects are worth investing in?

we generally to the enterprise is evaluated in three aspects, one is the market, the market to see how much space. May be early in the market is still very small, it depends on its prospects for development, which requires investigation. The second is to see whether the company’s products are difficult to replicate the advantages of others, what is his business model. Another point is the entrepreneurial team. Perhaps the entrepreneur has not done before the big companies, but depends on whether he has the ability to manage large companies in the future. If his temperament or background can not show the potential to manage large companies, even if there is a good product or business model and other conditions, his business is not long, then we will not invest. That is to say, judge his future.

team can grow up, become a "promising" team, I see the entrepreneur’s quality and ability is the most important. We will know in a variety of ways. For example, entrepreneurs from the past to do things, people who can work together to understand the very important information. For example, to look at the company he had done in the past, and I talk to entrepreneurs will be a way of understanding.