nvestment little swan hot pot

know how to adapt to changes in the needs of the times, on the basis of traditional innovation, such enterprises are also suitable for long-term development of enterprises in Yongxing enterprises. Chongqing Hot pot but if only the well-known, far and near, the old Chongqing, the famous Hot pot is impossible to stay so long, it is because of the many brands in Chongqing Hot pot many are looking for the most suitable set of their business model. Chongqing Little Swan hot pot is one of them. Chongqing little swan is a large ethnic Chinese restaurant (hot pot) chain enterprises, has a history of 18 years of operation, Chongqing hot pot business model, seasoning and technology has made a number of contributions. Such as the use of "mandarin duck pot" makes Chongqing hot pot out of Chongqing, to the country, the invention of "pot", so that the way to eat hot pot more scientific.

investment little swan hot pot?

Chongqing Little Swan hot pot with deep Ba Yu culture as the foundation, through the decoration, service, song and dance with meals and other forms to create a unique culture of Chongqing hot pot.

Little Swan hot pot join advantage:

market advantage

to the "integrity management, service society" business philosophy for the Little Swan Hot pot in 33 years starting from Chongqing all over the whole Chinese, now settled in the domestic shopping malls, department stores, the largest commercial brand Chongqing Hot pot.

brand advantage

Jia Yong Chongqing cygnet catering Co. Ltd. adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, innovation and dedication" spirit of enterprise, committed to the national brand restaurant chain of the sustained and healthy development, to keep pace with the times and use of technology and management, and constantly improve the successful cast of Little Swan brand value Hot pot.

Little Swan in Chongqing from 1982 to date, not only has a good taste of the hot pot, warm and thoughtful service, more years of operating experience summed up the success, its advantages are:

1. can take advantage of the Chongqing Little Swan, a well-known national brands, quickly enhance visibility.

2. reduces the time for preparation and self exploration.

3. can quickly and effectively learn and accumulate experience in management.

4. careful preparation, training and post operational support and personnel reserves to reduce operating risks.

5. by joining the system, the cause is easy to expand, to achieve a multiplier effect.

6. powerful after