Henan entrepreneurial services is a large gold mine

we all know that the central region of Henan Province, located on the coast of the Yellow River, is a populous country. With the development of the times, Henan’s economy has been improved greatly, the demand of the service industry is growing, which has brought great opportunities for local people, the service industry is the lack of the local short board is also a good opportunity not to be missed.

combined with supply side structural reforms to increase this year service value of more than 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, accounting for GDP reached more than 41%, more in taxes over a hundred million yuan office, become a driving force of the new engine of economic development of the province." June 11th release of the Henan province in the field of service industry development plan of action in 2016, so that the pace of building a high growth service industry in Henan Province, quietly speed.


service industry is the leading industry of economic growth, this is the law of economic development, the developed countries in Europe and the United States service industry the proportion of GDP in more than 70% last year, China’s service industry accounted for just over 50% of bizet. The province’s service industry’s annual target of 41%, although lower than the national average, but the facts and trends determine the next period of time, the rapid development of the province’s service industry has opened the window.

in the first quarter of this year, the province’s service sector grew by 10.5%, accounting for the proportion of GDP increased from the same period last year to 41.5% of the rate of contribution to economic growth is increased from 23.5% to 50.6%. The downward pressure remains the reality that the service can become the main pulling power of economic growth in our province, is accelerating structural adjustment and deepening of urbanization and industrialization, and with the help of "Internet plus" emerging new formats, new models, new products, the radiation that the productive service industry and service industry the driving force is growing exponentially, promote industrial structure to enhance the value chain, expand domestic demand to release employment.

with geographical advantages, cultivating the electricity supplier and modern logistics industry, Chinese (Zhengzhou) Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce in Henan, to build an important platform for the expansion of open cooperation, accelerate the construction of the new system of open economy, the Central Plains from the hinterland to open the front; Moupian layout of Tourism, business services, cultural industries, large-scale international the meeting in favor of Zhengzhou, the exhibition economy fast, landscape humanities Ambilight, consumer market full of vitality.

long to look. In the critical period of climbing over the ridge, transformation of poverty, to achieve the stated objectives of economic growth rate higher than the national average of one percentage point, obviously "short board" is our service industry must be filled, it is a huge potential plate. Lower than the national average of the service sector, which means that the service industry is our advantage: one hundred million of the people of Henan, the market is large, the demand for more, think about all exciting.

seize the key, get twice the result with half the effort. At present, our province